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Straddle Carrier 20—80 Tonne (20,000kg—80,000kg)


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Optional Features

Remote Control

The Combi-SC is also available as a remote control version.

Custom Paint

Some customers choose to customise their Combi-SC by having it painted in their company colours.

Weighing System

LCM Systems is a specialist provider of standard and bespoke load cells, load pins, load shackles, load links and associated instrumentation, with over 25 years' experience in supplying innovative load measurement solutions to many different industries world wide. Whatever the application and however demading the environment, LCM can provide a system to meet your needs.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is available for those working in hot climates across the world. The air conditioning is built into the Combi-SC's heating system.

All Wheel Drive

Our standard SC3 is 2 wheel-drive. If the Combilift Straddle Carrier is to be working in wintery or tough, dirty conditions we advise the choice of the all wheel drive option.

Additional Lighting

Additional LED lighting and road lights can also be added to any of the Combi-SC machines

Snow Chains

Snow chains are used for work in snow and rough terrain.

Zero Swing

Combilift's new innovative way of handling flat rack containers and other oversized loads. Watch a video here.

Vandal Guards

Fully protect the operator cabin from vandals.

Front Opening Door

For use in narrow aisles if the operator needs to get out of the SC to hook or unhook chains.

Camera System

For extra all round viewing of the Straddle Carrier and its load, multiple cameras can be placed at any location on the Straddle Carrier to suit the customer's requirements.

Load Stabiliser

The load stabiliser can be added to an Straddle Carrier when lifting large pipes. The pipes are compressed against two specially designed stabilisers (attached to the Straddle Carrier's Crossmembers) that take the shape of the large pipe. This prevents any swinging when travelling with the load.

Solas Compliant

Combilfit has responded to the new SOLAS Regulations due to be enforced from 1st July 2016 by offering a fully compliant weight measurement system in the Straddle Carrier. The system comprises of load measuring pinsv at front and rear to ensure evenly distributed load while weighting. The solas weighing system is different to the standard weighing system, it is much more accurate and stores data.

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