Pallet Stacker with Initial Lift - 1600kg


Hangcha A Series High Range Stand-on Pallet Stacker with Initial Lift (1600kg lift capacity) is a new product developed for warehouse and logistics applications.

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Hangcha A Series High Range Stand-on Pallet Stacker with Initial Lift (1600kg lift capacity) is a new product developed for warehouse and logistics applications.

With the latest AC control technology, it features excellent performance, easy operations, safety and reliability and with low maintenance cost is an ideal vehicle for loading, unloading and handling palletised goods in warehouse, supermarket and workshop.

Depending on options chosen delivery can take up to 16 weeks.


  • Four-pivots and low-gravity-centre design and the high-strength steel plate framed structure feature large residual load capacity and long service life.
  • All plug connectors are imported and waterproof and all cables have reliable protection which increases reliability of electrical system significantly.
  • Non-contact proximity switch features long service life and reliable operation.
  • Electronic lifting limitation eliminates overflow of the hydraulic power unit, which is more energy efficient and can protect the motor of power unit.
  • The hydraulic power unit features low noise, small vibration and stable and reliable lifting and lowering.
  • Stamping moulded fork has higher strength and impact resistance.
  • Powerplug is fastened to the truck body which can avoid damage to the plug when the battery is replaced.
  • The battery is fixed securely and the battery cover is supported with flexible material which reduces vibration and noise during operation.

High Performance

  • Centre stand-on driving mode and ESP(Electric Steering Power) system offer easier and more flexible operation.
  • The arm initial lifting function offers better reachability. The upper and lower double pallet handling design not only meet requirements of stacking operation but also brings higher material handling efficiency.
  • Lifting and lowering stepless speed regulation of the fork is a standard configuration.
  • The high efficiency traction motor realises high driving speed and strong climbing performance.
  • The AC driving motor features excellent acceleration performance, outstanding climbing ability, low heat emission and is maintenance-free.
  • The latest ZAPI AC control system makes for an accurate, stable control giving higher efficiency.
  • The CANBUS structure makes communication of the entire machine faster and more reliable.
  • Regenerative brake of the truck prevents it from sliding on a slope.
  • Hydraulic power unit, switches, plug connectors, battery condition meter, timer and other important parts are all of renowned international brands.

Comfortable Operation

The lower vibration pedal offers much higher driving comfort and reduces fatigue of long-duration operation.

The REMA tiller made in Germany is simple but beautiful, and all operations can be done easily with one hand.

The tortoise speed switch with light allows the truck to move at slow speed more conveniently and can stack goods even in confined spaces.

The optimised truck structure guarantees excellent visibility with easy access and exit of pallet.

The design of the narrow body with large round corners makes the truck more suitable for operation in concentrated goods shelves and the wedge-shaped design of truck base offers much higher passing ability.

Different distance between fork-arms and fork length are optional being suitable for various handling needs.

Side roll out battery assures easy and fast replacement (optional)

Maintenance & Servicing

The brushless, maintenance-free AC driving motor significantly reduces operation costs.

The meter integrating battery indicator, timer and fault self-diagnosis is convenient for maintenance.

All rotating shafts are equipped with lubricating sleeve and oil cup which is convenient for maintenance and has a long service life.


  • Travel speed will be automatically reduced after fork lifting height is over 500mm.
  • Turning speed is automatically reduced when steering.
  • Release braking, reverse braking and three types of emergency braking ensures safety of travelling.
  • Anti-sliding function on slope can ensure safety of operation.
  • The belly button on top of the operating handle protects the driver from injury in case of emergency during backward driving of the pallet truck.
  • The soft landing system reduces declining speed automatically when height from ground to fork is less than 100mm, which provides effective protection for goods.

Standard Specification

  • AC drive motor
  • ZAPI AC controller
  • REMA tiller
  • Imported hydraulic power unit
  • Pedal
  • Emergency power off switch
  • Multi-function battery condition meter
  • Tandem load wheel
  • Initial lift 125mm
  • CAN bus technology
  • Fork length 1150mm
  • Outer distance between fork-arms 570mm
  • Electronic lifting limitation
  • Soft landing system
  • Multi-function handle of CAN bus
  • Horn
  • Battery
  • EPS system


  • Various imported and home-made batteries
  • AC steering motor
  • Different mast height (see options above)
  • Fork length 1220/1600mm
  • Outer distance of forks 600/680mm
  • Side roll out battery
  • Automatic battery charger
  • Load backrest
  • Mast shield
  • Lithium battery
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