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Expo4 Extra Shelving


Add extra shelves to your Kwikrack shelving units.

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Expo4 Extra Shelving


Add extra shelves to your Expo4 shelving units.

Shelf Dimensions Shelf Load (kg)
300mm Depth
700mm x 300mm 140kg
1000mm x 300mm 110kg
1150mm x 300mm 90kg
400mm Depth
700mm x 400mm 130kg
1000mm x 400mm 200kg
1150mm x 400mm 180kg
500mm Depth
700mm x 500mm 200kg
1000mm x 500mm 180kg
1150mm x 500mm 150kg
600mm Depth
700mm x 600mm 180kg
1000mm x 600mm 200kg
1150mm x 600mm 150kg
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